Quantum Sphere is an Australian commercial AV Distribution company that are proud owners of our industry leading “Q-Tee” and “QSM” brands. Q-Tee produces include a wide variety of innovative Flat Screen TV Brackets, Mounts, AV Furniture, Commercial TV Trolleys, Projection Screens and Cables. We market these nationally for both commercial and domestic applications and export worldwide to offer you unparalleled flexibility. QSM offers the most comprehensive range of Professional Business and Gaming IT Monitors that are engineered to the highest standards. Additionally, Quantum Sphere is also an authorised AV distributor in Australia for LG, Sony, NEC, Viewsonic, Hisense, Panasonic, Absen and TriplePlay to name a few. We physically hold stock in our warehouses and can rapidly provide you with a comprehensive range of commercial products, including the very latest LED / LCD and OLED Display Screens, projectors, Indoor / Outdoor LED Solutions plus much more…


Quantum Sphere is a commercial distributor and does not deal with the public.

Registered customers can access all our wholesale pricing and inventory on hand through our Dealer Portal section using the link below.

Quantum Sphere prides itself on establishing long term relationships with its customer base to help them facilitate growth. Quantum Sphere’s approach allows for proactive engagement and the ability to move with changing market conditions.


Core Values

Our core values are centred around being consistent, dependable, attentive and proactive. Because we believe the best relationships are ones that get even better over time, and are built on a sound ethical platform that encourage each to strive for excellence.

Guaranteed Works

Quantum Sphere deal with a wide variety of companies, from small installers to some of Australia’s largest AV corporations. Whatever their needs, Quantum Sphere delivers.

Award Winning

Quantum Sphere is not only an authorised distributor for some of the world’s best brands in information and entertainment delivery, we’re also one of the category’s leading commercial wholesalers.


24 / 7 Support

There is a certain degree of skillfulness and shrewd judgment needed to avoid wasted time, effort and money… and we try hard to work with great efficiency so that both parties benefit.


We distribute nationally and stock a full complement of Commercial TV’s and Displays, Projectors, Interactive Touch Screens, IT Monitors, Commercial AV Gear, Whitegoods, Browngoods, Cooking Appliances, Digital Signage Media Players and Software and much more. So hook up with a winner, and get the Quantum Sphere team working for you.