Quantum Sphere has been providing the Commonwealth Bank with project delivery they can bank on, with their large-scale ongoing branch and area office fitout project involving many thousands of units, across all states of Australia.

Following the exit of Hitachi from the Australian market in early 2008, the Commonwealth Bank lost a key screen partner to move forward with them on their large-scale branch and area office refit project focussing on providing customer service screens of high quality.

As a result, they utilised business consultants to ascertain who could best handle the organisation’s technology fit-out requirements, and Quantum Sphere was shortlisted as a supplier with enough range from reputable brands to meet and surpass the bank’s needs.

Quantum Sphere and representatives with some of the manufacturers for whom the company is a certified commercial supplier, made a series of credentials and capabilities presentations to the bank’s Executive Manager of Workplace Technology and the Head of Procurement. Key differentiators were Quantum Sphere’s in-stock capabilities and the decision to tailor a unique warranty agreement for a replacement within 24 working day hours over three-years, rather than the industry one-year repair standard which invariably leads to downtime if a commercial screen fails.

The warranty that Quantum Sphere put together for the bank was truly innovative in that it overrides the manufacturer’s warranty while still providing full protection. It also bypasses the significant downtime associated with a 14 day DOA period followed by an attempted repair, which is the industry’s usual procedure with commercial warranties.

Six weeks later Quantum Sphere joined the ranks of Microsoft, IBM, Apple, Hewitt-Packard and Dell, to become a preferred supplier to the Commonwealth Bank, warehousing and supplying the commercial screen product ranges.

With over 2,000 sites scheduled to undergo screen updates on a three-year cycle, logistically speaking, this project is the biggest that the company has ever handled. What’s more, it is made more complicated by the bank’s requirement to track every single unit shipped with an EDS barcode, and then schedule in future replacement, based on an agreed optimal use lifespan.

It was part of a warehousing, delivery and warranty control package that Quantum Sphere had to work around to incorporate a communication number, tracking number, EDS barcode, and purchase order… for each and every unit despatched, across every Commonwealth Bank office and outlet.

“Two things that really impress me about Quantum Sphere is there capacity to seamlessly incorporate our various stock monitoring and replenishment systems, as well as their ability to cope with last minute changes to shipment orders,” observes the Commonwealth Bank’s Senior Manager of Workplace Technology, (Ray Tseng). “We view them as a very important partner.”

Another reason why the bank continues to be delighted with the professionalism of Quantum Sphere  is the company’s commitment to ongoing random selection model testing.

Due to the success of the ongoing customer screen roll out, in July 2010 the Commonwealth Bank invited Quantum Sphere to participate in their roadshows for staff in which they offer their employees lower than retail price access to the product range from their established suppliers.