We operate and own two of our own manufacturing plants to produce a wide variety of innovative Flat Screen TV brackets, Mounts, AV Furniture, Projection Screens and Cables which we market under our own 'Q-Tee' brand nationally for both commercial and domestic application and exported worldwide, to offer you unparalleled flexibility. What's more, we are an authorised distibutor in Australia for LG, Panasonic, NEC, Samsung and Sharp Corporation, hence we physically stock in our warehouse can provide you quickly with a comprehensive range of commercial and domestic products including the very latest LED / LCD / OLED screens. We also stock a full complement of commercial projectors, Touch Screen Moniitors, LCD and LED IT Monitors, Blue Ray and Home Theatre Gear, DVD/CD units, Entertainment boxes, Whitegoods, Browngoods, Cooking Appliances, Air Conditioners and much more. So hook up with a winner, and get the Quantum Sphere team working for you.

Our team specialise in providing customised installation services and works in partnership with dealers, consultants, installers and organisations to provide dependable, high-performance solutions that are not only designed to withstand high-usage with reliability, but are cost effective too.

With Quantum Sphere, you have access to a commercial wholesaler possessing a terrific track record, the latest technical know-how, convenient multi-location warehousing, and a reliable supply and fulfilment chain. That's great for your business reputation as well as being good for your customers.

The upshot is that your clients, your staff, or your end-users will be able to fully interact with the latest sophisticated audio visual and home & office technology tools, with ease and confidenceā€¦ all at low wholesale prices. That's why we're the gateway to excellence.